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Support to ARUNIMA


YBMS has extended support to an organisation called ARUNIMA, "A project dedicated to the cure and rehabilitation of persons with Autism".

ARUNIMA literally means" The Glow of Dawn". And like the first ray of dawn, ARUNIMA is the first program of its kind, giving hope to families of people with ASD, who are plagued by the ever present question: What After Us?

We have donated a new Micromax AC, 1.5 ton and Blue Star Deep Freezer to this organisation.




Blood Donation Camp with Rotary Blood Bank


In a humble beginning, on 11-09-2013, Yousman Bazaz Memorial Society organized a blood donation camp in association with Rotary Blood Bank at New Delhi. 11th September happened to be Yousmann Bazazís birth day and the camp was a great success with donors lining up in large numbers. The Society has decided that this be an annual event.


The 2nd YBMS Blood Donation Camp in participation with Rotary Blood Bank was held at The Rotary Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 19 September, 2014, which was Yousmann Bazaz's 21st Birthday. Friends, family and associates assembled and we received a of total 71 donors. "I am a safe driver" campaign was also launched and stickers were distributed.




Distribution of Relief Material in Flood Affected J &K:

Members of YBMS personally visited Village Tulerzu, a remote area in District Bandipora, around 120 kms from Srinagar on 31 Oct 2014 and distributed relief packets consisting of blankets, woolens and milk. 96 families of this village were a happy lot as very little relief had reached them. The village is still partly submerged and does not have electricity.





Support to Thalassemics India:

Yousmann Bazaz Memorial Society has taken over the cost of treatment of one child Master. Nitesh Kumar, at Thalassemics India at a cost of Rs 3255/- per month.





Road Safety Awareness Programmes:

Yousmann Bazaz Memorial Society has begun the work on spreading road safety awareness among the people. Regular articles are being published in The Pharma Review, India's leading Bi-monthly Pharma Journal. A sticker campaign "I am a safe driver" will be initiated shortly.





Support to John Martyn Memorial School

John Martyn Memorial School, located in village Salangaon, Dehradun, affiliated to Uttrakhand State Board of Education, has been established with the objective to provide good primary education to the children of the under-privileged families of neighbouring villages. YBMS has undertaken to support Umesh Kumar in his pursuit of education.



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